You’re seeing who??? Oh I’ve never heard of them… Meh


Why bother asking what bands someone is going to see when you know you don’t give a rats pa-tute…Oh and the fact that  you’ve probably never heard of any of  them…. I digress- With a weekend full of concerts coming up I’ve decided when people ask “what are you doing this weekend,” I should maybe have some canned replies ready….

-Riding my bicycle (although the reality is I will not be riding at all …tear…wait no tear I will be seeing an album of the year worthy indie band you’ve never heard of)

-Checking out the new Trader Joe’s -Stopping by the local thrift shop (oh wait that’s too pedestrian)

-Sipping my Ca Caw Fee casually while bumming a lucky strike off my pal Meh.

-Casually noshing on my savory  vegan, dairy free, low fat, gluten free, 100% all natural,  North Korean  roasted seaweed snack con wasabi.

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